Welcome to ComBEE @ UW-Madison!
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Computational Biology, Ecology, & Evolution

ComBEE is a group of researchers at UW-Madison interested in computational biology in ecology and evolution.

Skill Sharing

Share your favorite coding skills and tools with your friends and colleagues.


Get together to work on your coding projects, help each other out and share your work.

Community Building

Meet new people in your field, organization or community.

Study Groups

We currently offer R and Python Study Groups on alternating weeks during the regular semester. We welcome all experience levels to learn new topics and help others in R and Python. Follow the links below to find archived notes, code, and lessons as well as topics that we are currently learning!

Monthly ComBEE Events:

Events for Python Study Group and R Study Group can be found on their respective web pages linked above.

Contact Us

Join our listserv to get notifications about R and Python Study Groups and ComBEE Events, follow us on Twitter, or email us with any questions!

Links and Resources

Groups and resources for coding and research

Data Carpentry
Introductory lessons on data organization and visualization for research.
Software Carpentry
Introductory lessons on various topics in computing for research.
Advanced Computing Initiative
Support for shared computing resources at UW-Madison.
UW-Madison DoIT Software Training for Students
UW-Madison Division of Information Services offers Software Training for Students on a variety of introductory topics.
Bioinformatics Resource Center
The BRC is a resource within the UW Biotechnology Center that assists researchers with their data analysis needs.
Quantitative Biology Initiative
QBI hosts interdisciplinary seminars relavent to computational, statistical, and quantitative biology.
Campus Computing Infrastructure
Delivers shared, scalable IT infrastructure services for server hosting, storage, and backup.
Center for High Throughput Computing
Supports scalable computing resources and services for the UW System.